Photo by Alice Lehmann
photo by Lea Fishsticks - 1251Photo
Photo by Alice Lehmann
live with Samuel Leipold Quartet
String Sharper live
Live in NY
Recording session in New York 2013
Photo by Alice Lehmann
My first tour in Germany
Hitchhikers live in Spain 2007
Piano Süd Trio live
Live in San Francisco 2014
With Adam Rudolph and Marco Cappelli
Salvatore Bonafede Trio in Istanbul
Conducting O.I.D.
Live in Malesia 2004
with Steve!
live in Osaka 2014
Italian Surf Academy live
 Conducting O.I.D.
Ear Catcher live
interview with F. Guaiana
Live in Istanbul at Nardis Jazz Club
studio session
Conducting OLGA @ Teatro Garibaldi
with Gianni Gebbia & Francesco Cusa
Conducting O.I.D. live in Hamburg
OI.D. & Amy Denio
Conducting O.I.D.