"Luca Lo Bianco, Sicilian bass player can be counted amongst those musicians who hardly take anything for granted".

Sergio Spada 

"The music is modern, nervous and lanky. With the right urban air and the appropriate morbid curiosity to drive the quintet to look around and investigate the hidden corners of the many scenarios in chiaroscuro which conceal patches of dark, threatening light. As if we were inside a Werner Herzog film. The core language is contemporary jazz but of course the most diverse idiomatic influences add a value which must be appreciated".

Maurizio Comandini 

"The beauty of the overall work of Luca Lo Bianco is to mediate his important chromatic research with massive melodic doses, sought out for a deep impact. (4/5)”.

Marco Biasi 

“Bassist Luca Lo Bianco and drummer Francesco Cusa provide a steady rhythmic wave for Cappelli to ride smoothly to shore, but on the reggae-influenced, highly syncopated “Cinque Bambole” and the free-jazz-on-acid spine-chiller “Blood On Black Lace,” they churn up a few contrapuntal rip currents, which Cappelli navigates with ease”.

Bobby Reed

"Fitzcarraldo is the antithesis of déjà écoute with an attentive ear in the past and a long ear in the future. The proof is the live recording of the Orchestra IN-stabile DIS/accordo [...] The result is electrifying [...]. The same consideration should be made for EAR CATCHER. Lo Bianco uses autobiographical material here, good fuel to set up a series of surprises in the dynamics in between Crimson and Ornette Coleman without eliminating himself from chamber fascination [...]".

Alceste Ayroldi 

"You almost think of Mingus, if it wasn’t for the fact that Lo Bianco uses other genres, always related to Jazz [...],he makes a eulogy not only to the composer but also to the performers".

Cosimo Parisi 

"In this first glimpse of Luca Lo Bianco’s career, imaginative bassist and composer of a very cheerful vein, he distinguishes himself by the versatility of his interests and the effectiveness with which he manages to join multiple languages [...]"

Gigi Razete 

“[..] The leader, Luca Lo Bianco, plays solos with vibrant sounds. A record that stands out in the panorama of Italian jazz".

Pierpaolo Faggiano 

"There is much history in this album by bassist Luca Lo Bianco, much of the route made by the sicilian musician, and more generally, from Italian Jazz, of the South Italy and therefore even more internationalized from this crossroads and melting pot of cultures, peoples and especially sound which is the southern Mediterranean”.

Antonio Terzo 

“La scomparsa di Majorana  is a CD that catalyzes full attention, which is binding on all the cognitive faculties, and demands to be heard."

Gianpaolo Chiriacò 

“After more than 15 years of activity Luca Lo Bianco -  instinctive bassist and composer - still want to go around sound spaces to capture sounds in his own vision of music. The album breathes and lets you listen to with enthusiasm,  and always gives the impression of giving us a surprise,  a momentum that you do not expect. (8/10)".

Roberto Paviglianiti 

"Luca Lo Bianco, great Sicilian bass player and composer".

Daniele Trevisi

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