WoN 3

Won 3 is a trio born in Switzerland from an idea of ​​bassist Luca Lo Bianco and drummer Silvano Borzacchiello to which is added later the pianist Dario Carnovale. A shared project in which the musical and human experiences of the three musicians converge.

The name Won comes from a Korean word that expresses a concept that can not be translated with just a word into other languages. The meaning is the reluctance on a person’s part to let go of an illusion.

A concept deeply linked to the music proposed by the trio that, through original compositions, focuses on the constant search for an overall sound in which dance, lyricism and taste for unpredictability can coexist. A music that, although linked to the jazz idiom, speaks many languages ​​and goes beyond genre boundaries.


“Don't part with your illusions. When they are gone you may still exist but you have ceased to live" (Mark Twain).




DARIO CARNOVALE - piano & rhodes

LUCA LO BIANCO - electric and acoustic bass



Tammorra was formed in 1992 to spread a knowledge of the values of Sicilian and Southern Italian traditions.  Later on the work of the band concentrated mainly on creating its own songs. The lyrics of these songs are in the Sicilian dialect and the music is the result of a very personal interpretation of the musical traditions of Southern Italy and of the Mediterranean, mixing this original inspiration with other musical genres. The Tammorra's sound stands out for the group’s arrangements, with a rich range of rhythms and tones, using both traditional and contemporary instruments, and a polyphonic use of voices. The texts of their songs, using the metaphorical language of the Sicilian dialect, far from being linguistically abstruse enrich their capacity for communication; they are also a means of transmitting social commitment, love and rebellion, as well as contemporary themes common to all men and women.Tammorra thinks that music expresses the soul of a people: how they feel about love, death, joy, pain, magic and life. As a trans-cultural and multi-faceted form of language, music mixes, transforms, assembles and draws different cultures closer together. The band has performed in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Malaysia, Slovenia, Spain, Portugal, Austria publishing two CDs ‘Ballu Tunnu' and ‘Sali’ (Biber Records). Their music has been heard in some of the best-known theatres, festivals and clubs; it has also been selected for various compilations of world music, produced in various countries, and also used as background music for documentaries. After literally having played thousands of concerts all over Europe and Asia until 2007, the musicians decided to go back on track in 2017 and make music together again publishing the album 'Anthology 1995 - 2017' produced by the french label Buda Musique.


MASSIMO LAGUARDIA - lead vocal, percussions, tammorre, tamburelli, djembè, darbuka
SALVATORE MECCIO - lead vocal, 'chitarra battente', tammorre, bouzouki
VITTORIO CATALANO - flute, ciaramella, soprano sax, traditional woodwind instruments, backing vocals
NICOLO TERRASI - acoustic and electric guitar 
LUCA LO BIANCO - acoustic and electric bass, backing vocals




Four musicians with different musical backgrounds, who lived in different places, often far from the common place of departure: the South. They discovered to be close and somehow linked by an arcane common memory. A unique sound of great evocative power, a simple and direct language projected to explore the visceral side of music. Out South is a musical journey developed through the compositions of guitarist Lorenzo Colella on a borderland between Jazz, American folk, Rock and mantains its own identity and a stylistic consistency over the entire album.



FABIO RIZZO - slide guitar




STRING SHARPER is an atypical quartet, consisting of two violins, cello and double bass, born from the idea of mixing heterogeneous musical experiences in a recognizable sound, far from the sound of a classical string quartet. The point of union and, simultaneously, the starting point that animates the music of this album is the continuous, expressive exploration in a creative synthesis with no aesthetic limitations, the result of a natural superposition of musical languages. The proposed repertoire is based on original compositions and composition from different authors (Radiohead, Gary Numan, Egberto Gismonti), arranged with a daring alchemy of sounds, enlivened by contrasts of timbre and articulated arrangements focused on choral execution. 




Take one Italian guitarist active in the Downtown Improvisation and New Music scene – combine with youthful influences of movie music and Spaghetti Westerns – mix well with a love of ‘60s Surf Sound (think The Ventures, Beach Boys, etc.) bathed in reverb – anchor with a solid rhythm section of bass and drums… and you get the Italian Surf Academy! The baddest bad Morricone you’ve ever heard!

Cappelli explains the genesis of the project: “Back then in the ‘50s - ‘70s, the U.S. was more than a geographic place, it was a concept which we dreamed of belonging to: the prairies, a cowboy on his horse riding into the sunset encompassed by that warm guitar sound with a lot of reverb. This image was made up by the American movie industry and copied in many movies with a “made in Italy” label, shouted in Italy or abroad by Italian directors. That’s why we decided to work on our “Italian Surf Sound” version. We also pay homage to an “original” by reinterpreting Secret Agent Man, the only American cover in the CD".



The Orchestra In-stabile Dis/Accordo [O.I.D.] is a variable ensemble of fifteen elements and represents one of the most significant and innovative experiences produced in Italy in recent years and is able to transport the audience into an emotional and unpredictable musical event. 
By using a non conventional method of directing the orchestra, which is known worldwide as ‘conduction’, and using signs, gestures and also written melodic lines, the audience can witness the music being born right there and is an active protagonist of the creative procedure. 
The O.I.D. stems from the expressive urgency of a new generation of improvisers, looking for a creative form crossing all languages and not necessarily falling under any label. 
The energy generated during its concerts comes from an intense and straightforward communication, introducing the audience to the most innovative stances of the Sicilian musical scene, which is too often identified with traditional and folk stereotypes as the only exportable asset. 
In six years of concerts OID has hosted more than 60 guest musicians from different countries.
In October 2007, O.I.D. scored a series of silent movies of H.Loyd, C.Chaplin and others in a show commissioned by Teatro Nuovo Montevergini for ‘Musica Per Gli Occhi Festival’ and in October 2008 was invited to the prestigious HAMBURG JAZZ TAGE FESTIVAL in Germany, encountering extraordinary success. In 2010 O.I.D. was ranked second in the category "Best Italian Orchestra" in the ‘Jazzit Award’, the national referendum held by the italian magazine Jazzit. 


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